Types of Indian Wedding

India-A nation with numerous religions and even more languages and sub-cultures, India is a bunch of diversity. Since religious beliefs and communal norms play such a big aspect here, weddings in India are more than just the legal union of two individuals. The celebration, revelry and a mix of custom and feelings, however, span all kinds of Indian weddings in the nation.

According to the religion in the nation the major kinds of weddings you will find are Hindu weddings, Islamic weddings, Parsi weddings and Christian weddings. Hindu weddings can be further classified into weddings that are from different areas as well as off shoots and sub-religions that are under the blanket of the wider Hindu religious beliefs for example: Punjabi and Sikh weddings from Northern India, Gujarathi and Maharashtrian weddings from Western India, Oriya and Bihari weddings from Eastern India, Telugu weddings from Southern India and many, many more.

Despite of having so many differences within social rituals and traditions, kinds of Indian weddings from different areas have some resemblances. Weddings from north indian communities of India are known for their magnificence and celebrations and are a preferred option for people from other countries who choose to have an Indian marriage. Weddings from Southern India are more ornate and elegant and so on and so forth. Whichever aspect of the nation you come from or the type of marriage you choose to have, traditions and wishes are usually given a lot of importance. If you are not so adherent to community centered custom and rules, you can even opt for an AryaSamaj marriage, a low key ceremony performed according to Vedic rituals.

The varied kinds of Indian weddings are a reflection of the diverse population of the nation. Every type is special, unique and famous with great passion, enthusiasm and beautiful type of solemnity.