Wedding Planner in India

Organizing a wedding ceremony in the house brings happiness. Not only the members of the house, people in the neighborhood and relatives are also happy. There is a festival in the house during marriage. The engagement of the members of the house for the function increases. In the preparations for the marriage, they participate with enthusiasm. But wedding in India can become a little hectic and time driven. The main members of the family do not get time to celebrate and are just busy for the preparations. Here we as a wedding planner in India, our role come into play. We are good at wedding management and provide you various ideas for your special day along with a fully dedicated team member who will serve you as if it is their function.

At WPR, wedding planner in India, we know the true values which lie beneath these traditions and customs. Whether it is Christian marriage, or hindu marriage, or muslim marriage, we our fully equipped with the knowledge of traditions and customs followed in different parts of India.

The wedding planner in India should know the tastes of its people, and at WPR we are full fledged prepared for our all types of clients because we understand how important this day is for the people and we try our best to make this day the most memorable day of your life and you will cherish it. We try our best to become a good wedding planner in India for our clients.

Coming to the types of destination weddings, we manage following types of weddings:

  • Royal Palacial Weddings
  • Beach Weddings
  • Other destination weddings

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